Friday, May 31, 2013

almost ready to submit to the games sites

Changes and additions:
  • I did add more locations. I forgot to do Israel, which is a darned interesting place to look at.  We have Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Singapore, and Taiwan.  I also added three US urban areas in an attempt to increase the chances of an urban area being selected: SF, LA, and NY (and surrounding areas of each).  Moscow was already included in the Europe ring. This seems to have reduced the chances of being on a long, straight, empty road.
  • I wrote another Javascript/JQuery/HTML file to give players a map, let them navigate in and out of StreetView, and select the location they're at as the starting point for a game.  With huge amounts of help from boyfriend, we got the game storing and retrieving those locations on AppEngine (again! start small! go slow!) And finally I modified index.html to figure out whether it's starting a pre-set game, a user-created game, or a random game.
It's just about ready to release now, I think, with one more fix: if someone calls a game that doesn't exist, the program needs to do something graceful.

Edit, a few hours later: got Israel, got a graceful error message to pop up.  The boyfriend also hacked the page and found he could store junk text in the datastore, but that didn't affect playability. He added code to address the vulnerability and so it seems more or less ready to roll now.

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