Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ninja Escape by Niwaka Soft - walkthrough all stages

Android app

Stage 1 - Use the shuriken to hit the targets
Stage 2 - Pull the rope 6 times
Stage 3 - Shake your device
Stage 4 - use the sword to kill the tiger
Stage 5 - shake (like a bird!)
Stage 6 - hit the 5 with shuriken
Stage 7 - use the flame to fire up the candle. The candle goes in inventory. Use it to see the Chinese numbers.  This is an equation!
Stage 8 - use shuriken on jar for key.
Stage 9 - swipe left and right to move panels away, then swipe up when you see the arrows.
Stage 10 - enter the numbers on the bottom side of the dice. Opposing sides of dice always add up to 7.
Stage 11 - shake to get the key. unlock chest for a brush. paint the eye on the daruma doll.
Stage 12 - use the shuriken to bring the ropes on the sides down. Pull ropes in order 1 2 3 4 5 4 3 2 1. (Thanks, Angela!)
Stage 13 - click each clock dial so it resembles the corresponding "screw" on the fan.
Stage 14 - flip your device upside down and tap the X (I think) 9 times.
Stage 15 - take the brush and brush away all the black marks. I had a hard time distinguishing when all the black was gone, it took me several tries to get it.
Stage 16 - Touch the screen to bring the spiders down, then use the shuriken to kill them in the order indicated.
Stage 17 - move the candles around so there is the indicated quantity in the box.
Stage 18 - turn your device upside down to show 3 0. Shake it to get an arrow. Tap the circle 3 times.
Stage 19 - take the bucket and use it on the branch.
Stage 20 - 704. I brute forced it, so I don't have an explanation for that number. (Edit: apparently the symbol on the banner is supposed to be *, as in multiply, so 88 * 8.
Stage 21 - slide the panels to the center in the order shown.
Stage 22 - take the hook from the left and, using your sword, the rope on the right. It will automatically combine into a grappling hook to use on the ring.
Stage 23 - take the bucket and put the fire out. EZPZ
Stage 24 - Is a little like Simon. Press the 2nd button and a snake (or garden hose?) will pop out from the hole above it. Press the 2nd button again and 2 snakes will come out. Pay attention to which hole and the order, and press the corresponding buttons to get 3 snakes. Once you've gotten all 4 snakes the ladder will come down to exit.
Super spoiler:
2 | 2 | 1, 4 | 3, 1, 2 | 4, 2, 1, 3
Stage 25 - Select the fire tool and shoot the first tube. This will show you which colors to select out of each group of 3 buttons.
Stage 26 - place a red eye on each of the dragons. Swipe them away, then swipe the wall again to get the stairs.
Stage 27 - arrange the sliders to match the heights of the yellow ovals.
Stage 28 - shake your phone to see the symbols on the top of the wall. Click the panels to match.
Stage 29 - use your fire to start the torches, then pull on the rope. Enter the number shown.
Stage 30 - First, the banner shows 2 arrows. Swipe simultaneously using 2 fingers from the center to the edges, i.e. your left finger starts left of the center and swipes to the left edge, and your right finger starts right of center and goes to the right edge. If you've done this correctly, the banner should change to a left arrow. After this, using the same positioning for the swipe -- from the middle outward -- swipe as follows: L L R L L R R L R R. If you mess up it will go back to the 2 arrows and you have to start over again.
Stage 31 - Select your sword and tap on the screen. Arrows will start flying out and your job is to slice them. If you manage to slice them all (they will disappear instead of flying offscreen) you get to the number safe. Code is 332 (again brute forced; no obvious clue except the arrows, which I was unable to count while slicing them).
Stage 32: shake your phone
Stage 33: place the bars on the rack in rainbow order, starting with red at the top.
Stage 34: tilt your phone so that the west arrow points north, then enter the directions.
Stage 35: shake your phone, take the purple ball and place it on the hole. Press the button.
Stage 36: shake your phone to make the warrior go away; shake it again to return with a key. Take the key & shake again to put the key in the lock
Stage 37: the sage advises peace :) set your phone down and wait.
Stage 38: click the circles from small to large.
Stage 39: Shake your device to expose the letters EVE on the banner on the right. The code is a date, the eve of a holiday celebrated nearly worldwide. It seems this has to be the first number you enter, so if you tried others already, restart the level.
Stage 40: touch the small square to the left of the screen to show the code.
Stage 41: swipe the screen in the direction indicated by the deer.
Stage 42: take the gun. Tilt your phone to the left and shoot the ninja.
Stage 43: hold your finger on the thermometer until it gets to the top.
Stage 44: use your sword and slice the painting, then tap the button.
Stage 45: drag the ball to the hole, then flick the arrow in the direction indicated to get a key.
Stage 46: keep "pulling" (flicking) down the corner that hangs down until the screen is torn down.
Stage 47: Turn your device upside down and click the button on the floor. Then turn it right side up and click the button  on the wall.
Stage 48: Shake your device to get the blue ball to drop from the banner. Drag it to the first oval "counter" on the floor. Click the 1st counter once (so there is one star/dot showing), click the 2nd counter once, and the 3rd counter 3 times (3 star/dots).
Stage 49: Turn your device upside down 3 times to light the first 3 candles, then shake for the last.
Stage 50: Tap the figure on the right. There are 3 hotspots that will light the candles, mostly on the left side of the figure.

I got frustrated with this because the game does not save my progress (Nexus 7, currently Android 4.4.2, but it wasn't saving in the earlier version either). Hopefully someone else will be able to finish since it's a pretty nice game.