Thursday, April 7, 2016

Walkthrough for Wall by Yukihiro Hozumi

Green triangle key
top left of “wall” door

Turn left take
blue square key and SD handle from drawers

Wall w cross:
+ blade for the SD top left,

and note screws
- on the left arm, + on the right arm

Assemble driver and open a panel.

We need 3 shapes.
Turn left to the square. On top is
a ruler, and a bunch of shapes.

Place the ruler
on the shapes.

There's a solid triangle in the left and a solid square on the right. Note the symbols between them.
-||-, WWW, circle with a dot

Go back to the cross. Insert your keys
triangle key in the left keyhole, square key in the right keyhole.
Change the symbols as appropriate. Press the blue button. This opens a door.

Next room.
Photos on desk: “center” on left side of photo 1, “right” in middle of photo 2, ‘left’ on right side of photo 3.

Desk drawers. Right locked with a bolt on the side. Center has paper with 1 2
3 4
5 6

Left drawer needs 4 symbols to open. Clock on shelf uses same symbols for drawer. Left right buttons trigger a move to a symbol (or the 1 o'clock position with no symbol) every 3 presses.

Picture on wall: 7 red blocks left to right at heights 3,2,3,1,1,3,2

Use these heights on the
3 drawers
to get a wrench. Use the wrench to open the
right drawer
and get a red circle key.

While the drawer is open, click
the side
to see another set or symbols. This indicates to use the
square and circle keys
and the symbols
nnnn, |<|, sinewave
This opens another room.

Take the stool and have a look at each of the windows to see 4 arrow sequences:
LLR, RLR, RRL, RLL. Note also the scratch marks below each, pointing
When you click these on the clock (later) they will give the corresponding symbols
tree, spiral, eye, mouth, but if you click the first and last
[I]backwards[/I], you will get
mouth spiral eye tree

Open the
pipe with your wrench
and take a knife.

At this point you can toggle between the rooms just by clicking the blue button, no need to change the keys and sequence. I think those sequences are just for "unlocking".

Go back to the desk room and use the knife on
the picture, twice
to get another screwdriver blade and a pair of glasses.

Use the new - screwdriver on
the left side of the cross
to show 3 keyholes labeled
L, C, R
The photos on the desk will tell you the order of the keys here.
Square, circle, triangle
This turns on the eye. If you put on the
glasses you can play with the eye, but it's not especially useful right now

Use your stool and
have a look at the lamp
at the top of the post with the 3 drawers
Another sequence:
Triangle and circle keys, with double-dot, ground, and circle with an X.

Now you've got a room with 4 paintings, each with a pretty ridiculous caption, and a button. Write down all the number sequences, and map them to
the paper in the middle desk drawer.
You'll come up with numbers 1..4. From left to right
3, 2, 4, 1
Click the
painting buttons in that order
and the lights will come on.

Now you can see this is the exit door. Use your glasses on
the painting captions
and you'll get 3
color sequences

Using those color sequences
on the eye, you'll get 3 positions for the square, circle, and triangle. You won't need these until the very end.

There's pretty much nothing left to solve but that stupid drawer!
mouth spiral eye tree
Take a gold key.
Toggle rooms to the exit room, and take your shape keys back.
Unlock the gold lock and you'll see a bunch of keyholes.
Place your shape keys in the positions indicated by the eye and you are out!


After completing the game, get back to the main menu, click the cube at the top left corner and select "Resume." You will be placed in the main room, looking toward the exit room. Turn right and instead of the eye in the picture, you'll see an image of the office room. Click on it and you'll be placed in the office room.

There are a bunch of cube objects on the shelves that can be turned different directions. There is one item you can pick up
a telescope
Have a look at the exit door and open the hatch in the top. Have a look at that far distant object. It is a
another cube object
Back out and look at the lock on the door: you will need a 5 digit number to get out.

There are 5 columns
on the block you see in the door.
This is going to be a bit of a stretch to try to explain it verbally, but you are wanting to match the color or colors in each
to a block on the shelves.

If you played with the blocks already, you might have guessed in this direction. You're on the right track. A block forms
a number
in certain orientations.

The order of the digits is, of course, the order of the
5 columns
and the colors are going to form the
digit you need

Complete spoiler: