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99 the Escape Game walkthrough

99 the Escape Game walkthrough

This is an evil, terrible game. You have a countdown clock starting at 99. When it gets to 0, you lose. This is the only time you can reset the game and start over, which makes writing a walkthrough a very, very slow process.

Even though it's only 4 rooms, you'll definitely want to draw a map. There are multiple sets of clues in the second room and it's hard to keep them all straight. Several solutions are direction-oriented as well. The rooms look very similar, so it can be disorienting.

If anyone understands the logic or has found the clue to the solutions I don't understand, please post it. I hate doing stuff and not understanding why.

Room 1
Turning through the room: A plant and a door, a screen, the exit door and a drawer, a pair of dots on the wall.
Open the drawer by the exit door to find a box with 3 buttons, and a book with the clue 1 > > < < 5
Click the center of the front part of the drawer, just above the knob. That unlocks the knob, which I'll call a pin, and you can remove it. You'll eventually get 3 pins in the game, and their colors can be changed by using them in the dots on the wall.  The doors can only be opened by a pin of its matching color.

You can also put the red pin in by the screen, and you'll get a + displayed. Clicking above, below, left, or right of the + will cause dots to be displayed, but you really can't do much with that right now.
The next door is blue, so put your pin in the blue wall dot, then open the door to room 2.

Nearly everything in room 2 is a clue for something. For right now just take a vase.

Go back to room 1 and insert your blue pin by the screen. You will see a - ,  which allegedly implies a shelf.
"North" is to the right as you enter room 2, the wall with the red door lock. Count the number of shelves on each wall.
Starting north and going clockwise,
7 4 5 6

Get a blue triangle. Take your pin back.

Face the room 2 door and open it, but do not go through. Use your triangle on the door to block it open. Go back to room 1 and change your pin to red, then go to room 2. Open the next door to continue to Room 3.

Room 3 -- opening the drawer in the wall.
I do not understand the solution here; I found it on a Chinese page . It has to do with the blue, pink, gray and yellow panel in room 2, but if there was any clue to achieve this sequence, I don't know what it was.
Face the yellow button on the wall
step forward and it turns blue
step back, turns pink
turn R, there's a pink dot on this wall.
turn R, gray
L, pink
R, pink
R, pink
R, then step forward. The button now looks like a target, and the drawer will open.
Get a screwdriver.

Go back to room 2 and remove the screw in the panel with the pin. Take the pin. Insert your red pin in its place. Look around and count the number of shelves intersected by white vertical lines on each wall. Also, while here, count the number of white vertical lines on each wall.

Go back to room 1. Insert your red pin in screen: +,  # of shelves intersected by lines.
As before, "North" is the exit to room 2, with the red door lock.
Starting north and going clockwise:
5 2 4 3

Get a red ball. Take your pin back.

Room 3 -- what to do with the ball
The purpose of the ball is to give you a color sequence for the box in Room 1.
Each wall in room 2 has two groups of books, creating a count from 1 to 8.
These correspond to the holes in the wall in room 3. Starting point is the wall with the drawer.
If the ball is dropped through the holes it will change colors to red, yellow, or brown.
Following the book count sequence,
you will end up with
Use this sequence on the box and get a wrench. Use the wrench in room 2 and uncover another set of color dots.

If it isn't there already, take your blue triangle back and use it to block open the door between 2 and 3 (red lock). Use your red pin on the green dot to make it green. Proceed to room 3 and open the green door to room 4.

Room 4
Stick your blue pin in the fountain straight ahead and fill your jar. Take back the pin when you're done.

Go back to room 1.
Green pin in screen: |,  # of white vertical lines on each wall
Starting north and going clockwise: 2 2 3 3
Get a green cube.

Time to tackle the little house in Room 2.
Go to the plant in room 1.
Use your water to turn it all green.
The branches indicate directions. The arrow at the bottom indicates to start at the bottom and go up.


Go to room 2 and put your cube in the little house, then click the sequence. You'll get one last pin. Take your cube back.

Take the new pin to room 1 and color it red, so you have pins of all 3 colors now. Head toward room 4, taking your triangle blocking the door as you go.
Go to the door diagram in room 4. Place your pins, starting from north and going clockwise,
It opens a door back to room 1.
Go to the panel with the spaces for your 3 objects, place them, and take the key.
Finally, on the wall click the following buttons:
>>, >,  ●, ■ , << .
(Props again to for this answer.) The TV will go on and display 99. Your timer has also reset to 99.
While your timer is still on 99 you can use the key and exit the door. (If you go wandering off and your timer falls below 99, you can press the sequence again and reset back to 99.

(Postscript: it occurs to me that the numbers on the three shapes (B=2, R=3, G=4) are actually telling you where to place them around the door. Which implies the number order of everything does not start at north, but rather west. I'm not going to go back and check it out, but it's possible this makes things more sensible? We leave it as an exercise for the reader ;) )

Escape from the Yellow Room 3 walkthrough

Escape from the Yellow Room 3 walkthrough

This one is long and a bit confounding. But brave escapers will prevail!

First floor: Quick look and easy item pickup:
“3” on the wall
can be rotated,
and a ladder we can’t go down due to fire
3 dots on the wall, and a lightswitch. You can take
one of the dots.

Another 3 dots you can zoom in on, but nothing there as yet.
3 levers with green buttons.

Make magic happen: turn off the lights
Look through the 3 dots on the wall and view a branch with 6 leaves, the sun, and 4 trees. Ok, so not that much magic. Lights on.
Play around with the “3”. Note that the switches change
colors depending on rotation.
W = Green Yellow Green. E = YGG. M = GGY.

Hozumi leap: consider the leaves, sun, and trees, and the colors of the levers.
Rotate the “3” to match
so they are GYG.
Then think about the numbers you’ve seen. You have 3 levers and 3 numbers.
Click the levers the number of times indicated (6, 1, 4).
The ceiling will open up and you can climb the ladder.

Second floor:
The sun on the wall, and a chair with a book. The book reads “cyan magenta yellow black”
Turning left, a sofa and lamp. Nothing to find here.
The ladder and the “3” on its back (echoing the figure on the first floor).
A bed, a yellow tube, and a table. The drawer is empty.
There doesn’t seem to be anything to do here, so let’s continue up

Third floor:
The sun on the wall, a chair, a mousehole, and a balloon.
To the left, a sofa and floor lamp, and 3 locked cabinets on the wall.
Next wall, 3 on its back, and a cloud.
A bed, a yellow tube with a hole in it, a nightstand. The drawer has 3 indentations on it. You can insert your disk here, so you’ll need to find 2 more. Click some more and you will also find
2 screws on the side.

There’s also a light switch here, so do
lights-out magic. Inside the mousehole is a chair, a lamp, and a drawing of cheese on the wall.

Also, look a little more closely at one object we’ve been using over and over.
The ladder. At the top you’ll find
another black dot, and a flashlight.
Go ahead and stick the dot in the nightstand, and check out underneath the bed and sofa. (Sorry, nothing!)

Keep using your flashlight on other floors. You’ll find a black dot
under the bed on the 2nd floor.
Bring that back to the 3rd floor nightstand and open it to get a roll of tape. You should fix
that hole
in the pipe.

Fiddle with the lights and rotate the “3”. You’ll discover 2 things:
If the 3 is in the “M” position, the 2nd floor M is purple. Clicking it turns the room purple.
With the 3 in the “3” position, the 3rd floor 3 is clickable, but doesn’t do anything.

Let’s go check out that purple thing. Turn the room purple, turn around and a moon with 6 stars has appeared on the wall. Also you’ll see 3 groups of numbers on the wall:1-2, 6-4, 5. Keep this in mind for later.

On the 1st floor, turn the lights off and take a look
through the three holes. Y
ou now have 3, 7, and 1 star in purple rooms.
Notice the switches are
all purple now. Do like what you did earlier with the switches.
Go up to the 2nd floor and grab a screwdriver.
Turn the “M” off.

Back to the 1st floor. Rotate the 3 to the 3 position. Go to the 3rd floor and you can solve the cabinets
Click the 3 cabinets in the order indicated
(1-2, 6-4, 5). For 3, click the 3
Get a slingshot frame. Remove the screws from the right side of the nightstand and open the drawer further. Get a rubber band and note in the book a drawing of a cloud.
The rain falling is a bit unusual too.
There are 2, 4, and 3 lines.

Go back to the first floor. Surprise, surprise, the switches
are now blue. Do that thing with the switches.
You’ve put out the fire!

Go ahead and assemble the slingshot. We need a rock or a dart for it.
Actually, you already have one.
The screwdriver.
Head on up to the 3rd floor and shoot that balloon down. You know you've been wanting to do that since you first laid eyes on it!

Hey! Bad mouse!! He’s taken your key
to the mouse hole.  
That naughty mouse is probably why there was
a hole chewed in the yellow pipe.
Take the tape
off the pipe. You may have to leave the floor and come back. When you do,
check the mouse hole again and the key should be gone.
It will be in the pipe.

Finally, we’ll check out Floor 0. You have a sketchy looking door, and a book with a clue: E = Escape. On floor 1,
rotate the “3” one last time to
turn that door into a real door.

Escape from the Yellow Room 2 Walkthrough

I originally wrote this walkthrough for posting on but I'll put a copy here as well, because Yukihiro Hozumi makes some beautiful and very hard games.
Escape from the Yellow Room 2 Walkthrough

First room
In the opening scene, there’s a blue doorknob. Above the word “Yellow” is a window to a blue room with the word “blue”. There are two screws in the O. To the right, take a landscape picture from the wall
by clicking the top left.
On the back is a clue
one might interpret as “up up down down.”
To the right again, a light switch and a yellow doorknob. To the right again, a “red” window looking onto a red room, and a red doorknob. Go to the light switch and zoom in on it. Before you click it, though, zoom in on
the 2
and take a tack.
Turn off the light and look round the room again. By the red window you now have a lamp and a table with a vase. If you turn off the tall lamp, you can turn it on again by going to the main light and turning it on then off. The table has a locked drawer. Click the top of the table and find a pattern of 4 dots that can be changed to lines. By the blue window you have a desk with a lamp, 3 shapes, and a book. The drawer in this desk is unlocked; take an eraser-like object. It has a pattern on the back
that could be interpreted as “right left right left”.
You now have the clues to go back to the table by the red window and open the drawer.
Combine the two clues from the picture and the brush.
Set the first dot to 3 o’clock, second to 9 o’clock, third to 3:30, fourth to 6:45.
Take a jar. It's not empty. At the desk by the blue window, use the jar
on the book for a grid clue.
Put the pin in the picture and hang it up over the 2. Turn off all the lights. As you do so, the
ball on the floor lamp chain will come off.
When all lights are off
you’ll see a pattern on the wall. BRR RRB BBR
Combine the grid with the book hint to get a color order.
Turn on the light and use this clue on the red and blue objects in the room -
the doorknobs.
Click them in that order.
You’ll get… a doorknob. With a convenient screwdriver in it.
Use the SD on
“Yellow” and get an odd silver object. It’s got an indent with a tiny hole in it. Combine it with
the thumbtack, then combine this with
the ball.
It looks an awful lot like
a key.
Use this on the yellow doorknob and enter

The second room.
The door closes behind you... Whew, there’s a light switch. By the light switch is
a smudge on the wall.
On another wall is a shelf/bowl thingy with a yellow handle. On another wall is a clock without hands. The door you entered by has vanished. Use the eraser on
the smudge to reveal a hand.
Click where
the finger is pointing… there’s a circle, which you also click to reveal
another hand.
Click where
*that* finger is pointing --
a tiny hole. You have one object that you can use here. Use
the screwdriver/doorknob
and enter

The third room.
Did I say this game has some serious atmosphere? Straight ahead is a table with a book and a vase, which you can take. It’s also very, very dark and there doesn’t seem to be any other lights except the dim one over the table. Go back to room 2 and
turn off the light there. Some bloody fool electrician has wired Room 3 to light up when room 2 is off.
Go back to now-lit Room 3. That’s much better. Now you can take another object from the desk.
The lightbulb.
It combines, eventually, with the yellow handle, and becomes
a flashlight.
On another wall is another set of dots which behave like the dots on the table in the first room. Also, while here, click around
the cone and take a knife.
Next, 3 niches shaped like a triangle, a square, and a sphere. Next wall, more or less nothing... Look for a place to use that handy knife. You’ll find it
in the book is a mirror
Explore the desk a little more and you’ll find a place to use it,
toward the back of the desk.
Get a
green cube.
Go back to room 2 and use your
flashlight to explore. You will find a clue for the dots.
3, 6, 9:30, 3
Use that on the
and get a blue triangle.
If you're trying to refer as little to this document as possible, you might feel a little stuck at this point, but there is one more thing you can do.
Close the door. Yipe!
And your knife is gone! However, you can do something else with
your flashlight.
Take it apart, then use the bulb
in the eye.
Fill your jar. Head on back to room 2 and
pour the water into the shelf/bowl
to get your last piece. Put all 3 items into the niches and everything will fade away. Except for
4 dots on the wall.
Walk on out and keep walking out. You’ll come to a white room with a nightstand with a drawer. Take the key. Use the key on the door. You’ll come to an end screen with 4 dots. But
you're not really done.
Recreate the pattern and you’ll finally be able to go to bed.